Case Studies


CueCard is a sales tool that enables sales folks to sell more effectively. It attempts to bridge the gap between “sales'' and “marketing”. With its impressive range of features it simplifies and streamlines the sales process. CueCard allows effortlessly adding or updating talk tracks, sending automated follow-up emails, which helps skip the time-consuming effort of writing notes after meetings, and having real-time access to relevant information during sales calls.


Trymata is a product monitoring platform that helps businesses understand how users interact with their digital products and build better and more efficient user experience. It offers a combination of usability testing and product analytics, as well as a repository to store the gathered information. The platform allows its users to conduct remote usability tests on any device or digital product, collect insights into user interactions and analyze the results through product analytics tools.

Fresco Web Application

Fresco is focused on visual collaboration with a mission to expand the possibilities of online teamwork by providing a digital workspace. With intuitive, real-time collaboration Fresco enhances the way people work together. Fresco allows you to gather your team in one place, where you can “think” together and facilitate a brainstorming session in real time, making use of the great features the application offers. Grasping everyone’s different preferences, Fresco also enables you to have a fully customized board, share it with your team and beyond.