zivi Web Application

•Maintain staff
•Manage company documents, benefits & events
•Customize and coordinate the hiring process

  • Web Application
  • Business Services
  • Information Technology

Zivi is a handy multilingual HR tool with daily usage for all sizes of companies. In one single software all the necessary and crucial information of staff lists, events and documents are combined and coordinated with a flexible filtering system.

  • GraphQL
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL


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Software Engineers



Zivi is software that is defined to be used by HRs, HR assistants, and Top Management to effectively handle and coordinate the company’s human resources. Inefficient time management and coordination of thousands of working papers is a time-consuming issue for HR management in middle and big-sized companies and here Zivi comes to help make all the work automated and easy to coordinate. Zivi includes the fundamental tools required to effectively implement the human resource management process and documentation starting from job openings to test tasks and employment procedures.  The uniqueness of the project is the possibility to get different plans only for Hiring (prescribed for interviews), Staff (prescribed for staff management), and HR (including both Hiring and Staff). Each company can subscribe to one of them per its needs.



Actually no big challenges the development goes on smooth enough. The main challenge was to get pixel-perfect UI which has some special effects and solutions.



To overcome the challenge all the screens were tested and reviewed by the UX/UI designer along with the QA.



Development Process

At the initial stage, the product was meticulously analyzed and then designed. The next step was to get all the screens developed in ReactJS then the backend calls were set and the integration process now is in process.



Currently, the development is still in progress with the Staff block ready and functioning; the Hiring block is due and will be released in the upcoming months.