RentBase Web Application

•Create a Team
•Qualify and sort rental leads, landlords, and listings
•Automatically match leads to listings

  • Web Application
  • Business Services
  • Retail

RentBase is a CRM for rental agents, it helps to streamline an agent’s rental workflow and discovers sales opportunities within their rentals.

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • NestJS
  • Algolia


Months, Ongoing



Software Engineers



RentBase is a CRM for rental agents to help them organize and manage the landlords, listings, and leads. The CRM matches listings and leads so the data works for the person, instead of the man working for the data. The more information there is about the listings, the easier it is to filter and create matches for the leads. As for the brokerage offices, the software provides the whole team with an opportunity to simultaneously work on a centralized database that’s accessible both in the office or on the go. RentBase notifies the whole team of important updates such as price reductions, or when a listing is newly activated, or a follow-up is due, etc.



Actually, no big obstacles have been faced so far. The only challenge is that the project is growing bigger and other developers from Mexico, US and Israel are getting involved. The local developers have to cooperate and be in constant touch with them as well overcoming the challenge of tech English.



The solution is to get developers that are fluent in English and/or contribute to the improvement of their language skills. Another step was also to engage a PM from Armenia as well to ease the challenge and to support the developers.


Development Process

The development process is smooth, the whole team including developers is in close contact with the client with an approach of having everything planned-analyzed- agreed, and then developed thus saving resources.



The software is now growing with more and more users day by day. New features are planned and implemented in every sprint heading for more and more automation and less manual work.