• Appointment booking
  • Online payment
  • Intricate design
  • Web Application
  • Healthcare & Medical

Wisdom is a healthcare website combining the technologies WordPress and Next.js. Specifically designed to cater to women's healthcare needs, the platform offers specialized care for chronic health problems that are often challenging to manage.

  • Typescript
  • NextJS
  • MongoDB
  • WordPress
  • Stripe


Months, Ongoing



Software Engineers



Through the website, patients can easily schedule appointments with practitioners. They offer two options for booking appointments. The first option is a free 15-minute video call, which should be reserved on the provided calendar by filling out basic contact information. This appointment allows patients to speak with a Care Manager who will assist them in finding solutions to their current issues. 

For a more personalized and long-term approach, they offer a comprehensive program tailored to specific issues. To enroll in this program, patients are required to sign up and provide detailed information about their problem, their expectations from the program, and other relevant personal details. Additionally, they will be asked to book a 60-minute introduction session either online or in-person with their dedicated practitioner. Once the session is confirmed, payment should be made through the site. There are several payment plans available to choose from. Upon completing these steps, the Wisdom team will get back to the registered patients. 

Wisdom also consists of lots of informative pages, including blog, where patients can gain knowledge about various conditions, their root causes, and different stages of treatment.



One of the primary challenges we have encountered throughout the development process, is the huge difference in time zones, which we have managed to handle quite effectively. Besides, the website is built in 2 different technologies: WordPress and Next.js. The pages created in WordPress are easily managed through the admin panel by the administrator. Whereas modifications to the pages written in Next.js require considerable time and effort from our developers, making them a more laborious process.



To overcome the difficulties posed by time differences and ensure effective collaboration, we make great use of our overlapping working hours, during which we maintain communication with our client. Moreover, we have implemented a flexible working process that allows us to be available during the hours that are most convenient for our client.
Regarding the different technologies used on the site, we initially offered to rebuild the entire site in WordPress. However, considering the client’s concerns about the potential time consumption, we made the decision to develop a separate admin panel specifically for the pages built in Next.js. This solution enables easy and effective management of the platform. 


Development Process

We took on the project by initially focusing on UI tasks, collaborating with another developer. However, as the project progressed, we were entrusted with the whole project. Our dedicated team for Wisdom comprises three developers (one backend, one frontend, and one WordPress) and a project manager.
For this project we have adopted the Kanban methodology. This involves assigning daily tasks to our developers and maintaining regular communication with the client, mainly through written channels. The project management tools we have used are Jira, Google Docs, and Slack.
Currently, we are making style changes and working on building the second admin panel. 



As a result, we have a fully responsive and user-friendly live website, but the development is still going and we are scaling up the project.