SWAPSHOP Mobile Application

• Upload products
• Send and Receive swap requests
• Chat

  • Mobile Application
  • Consumer Products
  • E-Commerce

The dynamic app allows the users to swap clothes and get something necessary. The users have their "Closet" (profile), send and get swap requests, drop off location, and Chat. The MVP has been launched in Mid September in Manchester universities to start with.

  • React Native
  • NodeJS
  • NestJS
  • PostgreSQL





Software Engineers



Swapshop is a mobile app that supports the cheapest and easiest way to consume clothes exchanging them with something more necessary. The best part is that it will also be contributing to tackling the problem of waste, with very little effort. In the app, the user can create a profile and join the people who want to change the world, one swap at a time.

When the cooperation was initiated BeeWeb got a very old and oddly incomplete code of the App. At first, the client wanted to keep by “mending” some parts of it. But as the BeeWeb team is super-fast and experienced in Node JS managed to change the whole code within the prescribed time limits.



The goal was to change or improve the backend code in the meantime to keep the front code, which was actually of not good quality.




The joint solution was to change the Backend code totally ant start the project from scratch. As for front end for a while there was a hesitation to change it too, but the time was tight and to meet the project deadline we kept the Front Code with an arrangement to change it along with the UI for Betta version. At the same time to fix the main issues and bugs in Front End code.


Development Process

The kick-off was in early August. At the initial stage, the backend dev started development. In about 2 weeks the React Native developer joined connecting the APIs and implementing the functionality. At the last stage before launching a QA joined doing regression and E2E testing in each version released. This made the product functionality bug-free, nicer, and user-friendly.



In result we managed to meet the requirements and develop the first MVP of Swapshop.