Service Club Web Application

• Creating interfaces for different users type
• Posting jobs
• Connecting the employers to couriers

  • Web Application
  • Business Services
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverages

Service Club is a marketspace for hospitality professionals. It is a smart platform that does match-making of jobs with job seekers while allowing job seekers to receive online training to increase their job prospects.

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Redux
  • Express
  • MongoDB


Months, Ongօing



Software Engineers



Service club is a delivery application that gathers all couriers in one place. It allows employers to post a job announcement so that they can apply and find a job. We have different kinds of employers like Gorilla, Glovo, etc. The best thing is that each client may have the feature they want to see on their part. The product is popular in some European countries, like Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany also Portugal. However, there is an intention to become a worldwide popular application.



The most challenging part of the project is to keep the app up to date because we have worldwide users who trust us and create the career via us.



Everyday maintenance is the best solution to make sure the app is bug-free. The team works hard to satisfy its users.


Development Process

The project has started with a single developer but gaining popularity among European people, the team is growing. Currently on the project work 3 developers a QA and a Project manager. Everyday starts with creating new features or working on the issues that users faced.



As a result, we have a website that is designed well for employers, couriers, and admins. Everyone can use the website according to their needs. Employers post their jobs, couriers find the best delivery jobs to start their career and all these are being controlled by admin.