SerVC Web Application

•Coordination of investment documentation
•Flexible regulation from admin panel

  • Web Application
  • Business Services
  • Financial & Payments

SerVC provides a unique business process solution to VCs and private equities.

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB





Software Engineers




SerVC provides a unique business process solution to VCs and private equities, these include all services from back-office to execution, CFO, controller, custom-made software, portfolio management, bookkeeping, legal advisory, and investor relations by highly experienced venture capital industry professionals who are top players in their field, with wide perspectives.

SerVC Portal

SerVC has created a unique proprietary software developed especially for VC and PE requirements. The digital portal is maintained by our fund administrator and will serve as a secure and efficient hub for all the data related to your investment in the firm, such as reports, capital accounts, capital calls, financial statements, K1, and other documents.



The challenge was to integrate MFA, migrate thousands of users and have such a user-friendly interface that users won’t get disappointed or afraid of the big logical change. Another challenge was to develop new features and redesign the SerVC Portal on the previously written code, which included outdated stuff and techniques.



The solution was to have all the screens meticulously predesigned and approved by the client. Later on, after having developed each section, we reviewed again and made the necessary changes taking into account the use cases as well as user behavior. To overcome the second challenge, it was decided to refactor the code and engage new approaches along with developing the newly-requested features.


Development Process

The development process was hard due to the various relations, big functionality. Besides the fact that the software has a large number of users made the developers be more cautious and careful. To manage these all at the first stage the functionality was analyzed, then compliance was set between the functionality and the UI.



The hard work resulted in the deployment to production of a new version of the software which has 3000 users.