New Plast Mobile Application

  • Discounting Management System
  • Product Catalog with Variations
  • Ability to debts and order history
  • Mobile Application
  • Business Services
  • Financial & Payments
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce

New Plast is engaged in the production of plastic, metal-plastic pipes, and their connection parts. The mobile application we have created helps their sales managers to record orders while visiting different stores and presenting their products.

  • React Native
  • NodeJS
  • Redux
  • Express





Software Engineers



The initial project requirement was to create a mobile app which would allow sales managers to make orders, review order history as well as manage discounts.



The main problem was how to optimize the existing web application for managers to load as fast as possible because it was working very heavily and it was taking a long time for sales managers to make a simple order.

Our one consideration was to create an easily used and simply structured application as nontechnical people were going to use it. We needed to create a unified system that will replace the traditional ways of making an order and include all the functionality that the sales manager of New Plast needed during their work.



The solution was to create a new mobile app with phone and tablet support, easy to use interface, and minimal steps for making the final order for the customer. With new mobile app sales manager logs in to the system and sees the main dashboard consists of 3 top level menu items (Order history, Product catalog, Debts).

Navigating to product catalog sales manager can slide all products, in each slide he can select the size (based on the selected size the system shows different prices for that product), fill the quantity, and add the product to the basket. In the basket page, the sales manager can select region, customer, see all items which are going to be ordered. After selecting the customer from dropdown manager can see the total price, total discounted price, and after that place the order with an additional confirmation.


Development Process

The development process was organized using the scrum methodology. Daily meetings between project manager and developer, task management, sprint planning, etc. Weekly meetings between the project manager and contact person from NewPlast for keeping up to date the current progress and getting feedback from their side.



As a result, we have a perfectly working mobile app which loads 3 times faster than the existing old system. Sales managers started using the app using Android tablets and new orders are being made from the mobile app already.