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HOT SPOTZ is a new mobile application that connects people and places. Focused on the night-time economy, it gives consumers the information they need to easily arrange their night out, connecting them with friends, venues, and promotions.

  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Hypi CLI


Months, Ongօing



Software Engineers



Combining advanced search engine with the “Venue Viewer” ™ technology, Hot Spotz allows accessing the very best nightlife information share what you’re doing and where you’re going.

The App brings together the Hot Spotz users, DJs, bands, venues, and promoters to provide the best party experiences for all and is on a mission to help manage the nightlife.



The challenge is to work with Hypi CLI. The current Hypi process is new to many developers. The Hypi CLI introduces a local development process that allows defining the Back-End’s schema and GraphQL queries in the Front-End project. Here one can now version control the app’s schema and queries just as the version controls the rest of the code!



The BeeWeb development team hasn’t been experienced with Hypi CLI as well, but the challenge is being overcome now due to much research and hard work. In the meantime, the staff has a chance to get in touch with the Hypi developers and get the necessary guidance in case there is a need.


Development Process

The development is still in process. At the initial stage, devs started researching Hypi documentation, later implemented the coding.



So far the main UI and functionality have been done. Currently, the serverless function implementation is in process. By the end of the year, the first version of the app will be launched.