Fresco Web Application

• Full customization
• Real-time collaboration
• Task management

  • Web Application
  • Information Technology
  • Designing
  • Enterprise
  • Productivity

Fresco is focused on visual collaboration with a mission to expand the possibilities of online teamwork by providing a digital workspace. With intuitive, real-time collaboration Fresco enhances the way people work together. Fresco allows you to gather your team in one place, where you can “think” together and facilitate a brainstorming session in real time, making use of the great features the application offers. Grasping everyone’s different preferences, Fresco also enables you to have a fully customized board, share it with your team and beyond.

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • NestJS
  • Redux
  • MySQL
  • Canvas


Months, Ongօing



Software Engineers



Fresco is an amazing online tool for all those business and non-business people who like to create tasks and work in an organized way. What makes fresco different from such other tools is the possibility to create custom boards, sticky notes and share with others in real time.



The main challenge is to create a product that enables more than 10 people to work together on the same board in real time. Throughout the process other problems came up as well. For instance, we had to make structural changes to the board, because it would not function properly.



We constantly run test sessions, optimize the code and ensure the smooth operation of the product. To the board problem, we rewrote the code, making sure it is user-friendly.


Development Process

Work is still in progress. We are currently changing the logic of the payment, from individual payment flow to team-based. 3 different forms of task management should be implemented. We are also working on analytics in admin dashboard. In addition, we continuously better what we have already done.



As a result, we have a great tool that’s live today and has gained interest among other product owners. However, we always try to be competitive in the market, keep up with the speed and improve.