Cyguard Web Application

•Authorize the payout information and provide decision supportive information to the payout administrator
•Wire funds
•User role management.

  • Web Application
  • Business Services
  • Financial & Payments

Cyguard is a solution provider for authenticated payout information, allowing the payout administrator to control and ensure the authenticity of any wire destination.

  • ReactJS
  • NestJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon (AWS)


Months, Ongoing



Software Engineers



Phishing attacks and social engineering attempts lately to focus on the payout portion of the target organization.

The simplest attacker will trick the payout administrator to wire a large amount of funds to the hijacker’s account spontaneously, while the sophisticated ones will focus on real transactions of real business related deals and take over the payout information, directing it to their account instead of to the real business destination.

The responsibility of the lost wire belongs to the payer; hence they would be the type of inactivated customers.

Key features

  • Authorize the payout information and provide decision supportive information to the payout administrator,
  • The system will not wire any funds, nor provide “yay or nay” information, rather “green-yellow-red” markers for the transaction information,
  • The system stickiness has to be high, so a paying customer will never leave,
  • The system accurateness has to be high, so the destination (payees) will become customers themselves (payers).


At first, it was agreed to develop a serverless compute service (AWS Lambda). A long time was spent on research and pondering over it as the developers had no experience with that function.




As the client needed a working product fast and later on other versions would have been developed it was decided to develop a working MVP with common Node JS.


Development Process

Like the decision whether to move on with AWS Lambda or simple Node JS, the UI and design were initiated not remaining aback. As there was a decision the screens were ready waiting for API integration.



The product is still in the acquisition and development period with more and more investors getting interested in it.