Cloud Clarity

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  • Web Application
  • Statistics & Data processing
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Cloud Clarity is an innovative web application designed to enhance the understanding of AWS billing and help spend money on workloads wisely by providing personalized recommendations and analyses of AWS accounts. Users can easily connect their AWS accounts to the app and track their expenses in a simplified and comprehensive manner with the help of visuals.

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • SvelteJS


Months, Ongoing



Software Engineers



What sets Cloud Clarity apart is its ability to provide users with daily insights into their AWS costs, a functionality not available on the Amazon platform itself. Moreover, customers receive detailed cost reports covering every aspect of their charges, which enable them to better understand their expenses. Additionally, users can create custom segments to project the costs of future instances/services, allowing for effective budget planning. A valuable feature of Cloud Clarity is its real-time notifications regarding changes in AWS prices for the services utilized. This proactive approach enables users to mitigate increasing expenses. Furthermore, Cloud Clarity offers a versatile filtration function that empowers users to visualize the costs of individual services or a selection of services collectively or separately. 



One of the primary challenges encountered during the development of Cloud Clarity was the calculation of daily service/instance costs, based on the limited information provided by AWS. Besides, obtaining and storing AWS change logs for each service has been another difficulty we faced.



Despite this obstacle, our team developed an efficient mechanism. We derived the information AWS provides and stored it in our database, based on which we carefully performed manual calculations and received daily service costs.  


Development Process

We gave start to the development of Cloud Clarity, which is still in progress. Our first step was building a comprehensive landing page to give a thorough information on the features and services the application offers. Interested individuals can sign up for waitlist, so that whenever the product is fully available, they can have their hands on it immediately. Presently, our focus is directed towards the creation of the core product. The team consists of two developers, a QA specialist, and a project manager. To ensure efficient collaboration, we have been following the Scrum methodology, conducting essential meetings with both the client and within the team, and organizing our workflow into sprints. We have employed various tools to streamline our work processes, including Slack for communication, Jira for task management, Google Docs for documentation etc.



We have an introductory landing page in production, and are currently working on the main product.