Balljunge Mobile Application

•Set Clubs and invite users to them
•Create football clubs & matches for tracking the match actions per plan subscription
•View statistics of players and games filtered by season

  • Mobile Application
  • Art, Entertainment & Music
  • Statistics & Data processing

Balljunge is a German app for processing football match data to generate statistics and reports.

  • React Native
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL





Software Engineers



Balljunge is an app the target of which are football clubs and trainers. The trainers or the invited assistants can record the match actions and get the effectiveness statistics of the team both per player and per game. The uniqueness of the app is also the subscription plans (3 subscription plans-Bambini, Junior, Pro). Each plan has a different UI engaging more actions for recording than the previous one. This makes the app usage wider from law class clubs to professional football clubs and trainers.



The main challenge was to develop both app and desktop panel within a very tight period of time in the meantime using special effects and to develop canvas objects portraying football players, their positions, and movements. Besides this, the client preferred to have the app in a Flutter, which was slower in the development perspective.



The solution was to kick off with the mobile app in React Native as an Alfa version; next, the main functionality was developed fast enough which resulted in clarifying the required features and getting processable data in the admin. Another strategic step was to get consultancy from another developer of the company who has good experience with canvas objects.


Development Process

The first step was to analyze the business requirement, get the scheme and kick off the mobile app. Afterward, the admin panel was initiated with some basic functionality which grow bigger with the client’s requirements.



As result, both admin and panels met the client’s expectations. Now it is client acquisition period is on in Germany. In April new features and releases are planned based on the user experience.