E-Commerce Website

  • Dynamic Information Management
  • Advanced Search
  • Discounts Management System
  • Web Application
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce is one of our products. It is an online store of Baby clothing where you can find stylish and nice clothes for your baby․ read detailed information about them, search clothes, add the ones you want to buy to the cart, and order them online.

  • Python / Django
  • Celery
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MySQL





Software Engineers



Seeing the high demand for baby clothing in our country we decided on building an eCommerce website and selling online baby clothing from famous brands.



The most challenging part was the creation of a dynamic discount management system. We wanted to make it as flexible and functional as possible. Now we can create any discount or special offer including any number of products and using any method of discounting the price. As E-Commerce websites have much visual content the speed of the website was one of our considerations. We needed to do the website as fast as we could.


Solution is an eCommerce website with these characteristics:

  • Multi-language – The website has Armenian and English versions.
  • Admin panel – The content is very dynamic and we can change and add any information from the admin panel. (home page banner)
  • Registration/Login- For making a purchase the user must create a personal account.
  • Search – The system looks for the entered keyword in the titles of the products and in the categories.
  • Filter- Users can filter suggested products choosing different characteristics
  • Top Products- these products are the most purchased ones.
  • Discounts- on this page users can see special offers for groups of products.
  • Heart- the user can put a heart to the product and it will appear in his personal account as one of the products he liked.
  • Notification system- the website has an effective notification system. The user and admin get notifications and emails about new orders, the status of the order, etc.
  • Promo code – admin panel has a great functionality to generate promo codes with any amount of discount. The user knowing the promo code can get a discount by entering a promo code while making an order.

Development Process

As the website needed to have a huge amount of images, we decided on using Python which operates very quickly. In the first stage, we created mockups and designs. We parallelly did the back-end and the front-end of the website. Our main goal was to create a mobile-friendly website as our users mostly enter our website by mobile. make our website easily used and as simple as possible.


Results is very helpful for pregnant women especially in the last days of their pregnancy as they don’t always feel well to go shopping so online purchasing is very convenient. is helpful for mothers of babies as well as they don’t have much time to go shopping. is very risk-free as if they don’t like the clothes or it has the wrong size they may return or change with other clothing. We are very happy that could our websites could gain the love of our clients and successfully serve the purpose it was built for.