SalesNews Web Application

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  • Web Application
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SalesNews is a two-sided informative platform where companies put information about discounts and special offers they suggest and customers are informed about them, make the right purchasing decision and save money.

  • Python / Django
  • Celery
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MySQL





Software Engineers



Most customers in the market are price sensitive and discounts, special offers are an effective incentive for them to make a purchasing decision. The problem was that there was no platform in the Armenian market that would give information about discounts and other special offers suggested by different companies in one place. Taking into account these considerations we decided on creating such a two-sided platform that will be beneficial for both customers and companies.



We wanted to create a website that will effectively show the discounts and special offers suggested by the market. We wanted to create useful functionality for both customers and companies. The idea was to create a virtual version of the real market where companies would compete with each other and try to attract the attention of customers. And customers will explore the market, offers made by different companies and do effective purchasing. We also make much attention to the mobile friendliness, speed and user friendliness of the website.



The website is multilanguage and is designed for both customers and companies. Signing up in our website companies get the opportunity to increase their brand awareness, engage new clients, to promote their discounts and special offers. The customers can find discounts and other offers suggested by companies in one place, they can explore new companies, get the contact information of different companies, rate and review them and see the ratings, reviews of different companies. Customers can also see tax free companies, filter the offers choosing the category, the shopping mall, etc., can subscribe to individual categories, companies, see popular posts. The website has a very functional admin panel. Admin can add posts, subscribers, send emails to subscribers, register new companies etc.



Development Process

As the website needed to have a huge amount of images, we decided on using Python which operates very quickly. In the first stage, we created mockups and designs. We parallelly did the back-end and the front-end of the website. Our main goal was to create a mobile-friendly website as our users mostly enter our website by mobile, make our website easily used and as simple as possible.



The product is now actively promoted and the number of both customers and customers are increasing daily. Now it’s completely free as the product is its initial phase. We want to make our product easy to use and very informative for customers. We also want to make the website an effective marketing tool for companies and bring them real business value.