Why learn to code? 5 reasons how learning to code can benefit you.

There was a time, when we thought of programmers as hackers. But now, when in our daily life we are relying too much on computers and applications, we think of them as our saviors.

Everyone will agree that programming has become a popular profession among the young. It is the most desirable career path even for kids. There are plenty of sites and products dedicated to programming for kids and they find it even more interesting than school lessons.

In this article I tried to finally understand what it is like to be a coder and talked with our team member Avo, who mentioned 5 benefits he had noticed when he had started learning to code.

1. Your logic gets better.

You start thinking different, in more creative and logical way. When you begin learning to code, you also learn a new way of solving problems, a more structured way: your brain starts to break down the problem into smaller more manageable parts and then to deal with each part.

2. You become such a calmer person.

Patience and again patience. Programming takes time. You spend almost all of your time developing software or thinking about how to improve a current project. And the path to success is filled with many impediments. Nothing happens just by chance. You try, fail, then try again, and only after several trials, you can get to the point. And so, automatically you notice changes in your character, You become calmer person.

3. You can create anything you want

Imagination has no limits. We always refer to our childhood ideas as something crazy, but what if we had possibility and appropriate tools to realize them. Learning to code empowers us with the ability to develop projects that will match our ideas. We become more confident and start believing that something can be changed by us into much better in our lives. We start to think big and dream big.

4. Become more self-confident

Yeah, Programming made me feel better about myself. I set goals, put efforts and tried hard to achieve them, and after accomplishment I felt like I had scaled to mount Everest peak. When I finally achieve my goals, I feel amazing and proud. It makes me feel confident and ‘hungry’ for more success.

5. And finally you get a great job

Coding opens really huge job opportunities for a person. You may ask what is a great job for me? Besides financial aspect, working in a company where I

● enjoy creating something, that other people need

● can be myself

● have great supervisors and leaders

● have opportunities for growth

● work with Great team members

It is also important for me.

Conclusion: Want to become more positive like Avo? Learn coding?

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Author: Arpi Amiryan, Marketing Manager at BeeWeb

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