The secrets of a happy workplace

Hi, I am Astghik from BeeWeb’s HR Team. Today I will talk about factors that determine workplace happiness and productivity 😊.
Usually by its bare definition, ‘work’ does not embody something fun or something that people look forward to doing. But for most of us, work plays a big part in our lives and it’s where we place a lot of our time and energy. Accordingly, happiness in the workplace might just be the secret ingredient missing in some organizations. Companies that want to boost their employees’ productivity, psychological safety, employee turnover rates and their  creative capacity, should make workplace happiness a priority.

It’s not a secret: the happier your employees are, the more successful your company will be. At BeeWeb we know it for sure 😉: when employees are happy it gives them a sense of satisfaction and belongingness. They’re more creative, strategic and innovative. They also love doing their daily tasks and put their best effort into their work without it being a burden.

So, what can you do, as an employer, to make employee happiness a priority? Luckily, quite a lot!
Today, we will present to you a few “secrets’ on how to create a happy work environment and also share our own experience at BeeWeb.

Secret 1: Create safe and comfortable office “space”
It’s important to not just toss together a bunch of desks, chairs, and computers. Your office should be a comfortable, welcoming environment. So, it makes sense providing certain office perks and a relaxing and comfortable environment, which will inspire them to be motivated and creative. Your decorating and layout ideas can play a huge part in making that happen. Take a look at our comfy office 😉 !

Secret 2: Host Engaging Team Building Events
Having team building events where employees play together, laugh together, and solve problems together goes a long way to cultivate happiness and fulfillment. The effects of team building can be powerful and long lasting. These benefits can include stronger connections and deeper respect among teammates, as well as more resilient relationships.

Secret 3: Deliver Praise and Recognition Often
Recognition is about giving positive feedback based on results or performance. Sometimes this happens in a formal way: an award, a bonus, a promotion or a raise. It can also be given more informally: a simple “thank you” can do a lot of magic. All of these methods are meaningful, especially if they’re done in a timely and genuine way. Feeling appreciated isn’t an outcome or result we produce with a single action. Feeling appreciated is an experience, that we at BeeWeb build and maintain with our teammates over time. Every communication and action (or lack of it) can improve or worsen that experience.

Secret 4: Avoid Micromanaging
Micromanaging tends to lower motivation and the overall morale of the team. Give your people the space they need to succeed. Let your employees learn, grow, and experiment. Trust their judgment, skills, and expertise.

Secret 5: Celebrate project completions and accomplishments with team
A celebration helps team members formally recognize the project’s end and brings closure to the work they’ve done. It also encourages them to remember what they’ve learned and start thinking about how their experiences will benefit them and the organization during the next project.

Secret 6: Use Feedback as a Mini-Mentoring Tool
Employee feedback is an incredibly powerful tool. If offered properly, it has the ability to grow and develop the people of your organization, improve the levels of trust and communication, and strengthen bonds between employees and managers. But unfortunately, feedback is often ignored or omitted entirely in an effort to avoid discomfort. Effective feedback lets workers know how they are meeting their goals. Ensure that feedback is timely and future-focused.

Secret 7: Get out of your work routine, have FUN!
Fun at work is a key element of employee happiness, a sense of fun helps BeeWebians to have a more positive mind-set, enjoy higher levels of wellbeing and reduce feelings of isolation. Having fun together is a great way for our people to learn more about one another, to understand each other’s traits, strengths, weaknesses and boundaries. Examples of that are intellectual team games, office tournaments or other fun activities such as having a picnic on a fresh air.

After all, let’s admit: happiness in the workplace is a subjective perception.🙃
For some, workplace happiness can mean getting excellent pay and other benefit packages. For others, it’s about having a good time at work and having the opportunity to socialize in an office environment. Others may see happiness in the workplace as something directly tied to the company culture. For instance, having a fulfilling responsibility, and a collaborative work environment, and having the opportunity to give back.
For that reason, at BeeWeb we have an individual approach to each employee to make them  feel happy and at ease.
So guys, hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share it 🙂 .

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