At BeeWeb, we created sequence of processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

How we track projects, manage tasks, and move work forward with business processes.


Get project specifications from client (can be well documented or just brief explanation of what client needs from us to be delivered).


Create a PRD based on given spec. from client and came to conclusion.


Choose task management system having support of Scrum methodology (eg. Jira, Clubhouse, Trello).


Split the PRD into small pieces and start creating epics, user stories, etc.


Prepare Sprints (each Spring has some amount of tasks under it which is possible to be done within 2 weeks).


Do a pocker planning for each task and at the end assign to the right person.


Prepare GIT repository (repositories) for the project, along with the 3 main branches - master, staging and production.


Prepare cloud server. Separate development, staging and production environments.


Based on complexity of the project the servers can be configured using different solutions and technologies (eg. Running docker containers in Kubernetes, etc)


Continuous integration (CircleCI, Jenkins, etc).


Using semantic version approach always keep the project version up to date per production release.


Keep support, maintenance of the project.


Enterprise Web App Development

From Strategy to Launch, security and administration to intuitive user-experience and maintenance. We specialize in corporate website design and enterprise solutions for your brand’s digital presence.

E-Commerce web site Development

It’s not just a webpage. To satisfy hundreds of thousands customer requirements when building E-Commerce web applications we place emphasis on functional infrastructure. Our E-Commerce solutions offer best design, consistency and are completely customizable.

Custom web application development 

Do you have a unique idea or want to achieve something that hasn’t been done before? Here we can help you. We are ensuring high-quality and cost-effective Custom web application development services for small, medium and large businesses.

UI/UX Design

Creative UI/UX services, which transmit your ideas into visual designs, that users will love to use. We care about every small interaction with your product to bring maximum comfort and benefit to the user.

Backend Development

Our team builds reliable and functional solutions using back-end development services. To shape the most effective and efficient solution for architecting the technology we strongly collaborate with our customers and advise the best suitable technology stack.

Migration and Upgrade

Whether you need to upgrade the current version of your software program, or migrate your existing Software to a better technology, we will provide fast and safe upgrade and migration services.

QA & Testing

Verify software quality with our expert testing services. We offer comprehensive, fast & economical Quality Assurance independent services based on the highest level of security and industry standards.

Mobile App Development / Hybrid

If you want to create engaging and industry-leading mobile apps, then our best app developers are at your service. Our mobile app services cover the entire development cycle, from initial planning to the final app creation and support.

Third Party Integration & Customization

Third party integration has become essential for everyone who wants to create a strong web presence. At BeeWeb, we have implemented CRM, ERP, and various other 3rd party account apps and integrated them into our customers’ existing systems.