What is MVP?

A lot of time and effort is needed to create a product.  It makes no difference if you develop a product yourself or hire a development company to do it; the target audience should always come first. And what better way to do so than by developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

In this blog post, we will define MVP in the context of web development.

Since we defined what MVP means in web development, we’ve had plenty of time to plan, construct, even develop and maintain MVP apps at BeeWeb. We’d like to share what we’ve found about MVP. Based on our new viewpoint and expertise, we want to give you more understanding of MVP and how to help them to succeed.

What is MVP?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a concept for determining whether a product’s basic model with essential capabilities meets the needs of its users. To clarify, it determines how consumers give feedback to the product’s value proposition. Most startups start here since they can gather initial opinions and evaluate user satisfaction, allowing them to determine whether their product idea will work on the market.

So, what are your thoughts? Is MVP a form of experiment or a test?

You are right! It is just an experiment or test. Because, at the initial stages of launching a digital product, one of the key aims of the MVP is to collect information and customer feedback. However, there is nothing wrong with having the basic version in this case. Why? Because the app’s core value, workability, usefulness, and visual attractiveness are present in MVP. And all the listed features lead to an increase in the product’s core value.

Of course, there is no need to do the MVP development process alone. You can work together with a web development company. The group of project managers /owners, UX/UI designers, and developers will be on hand to guide you through the process of your idea generation.

There are other considerations, but let us focus on the business side. Imagine your company wants to create an online shop website as an MVP product and apply a web development company to make it. MVP development of online shop means of creating user accounts, the ability to find any product and shop it.  So the core function can be the ability to find a product by categories or filters, add it to the cart, and make a payment. Thus, Sign up, Profile creation, Wallet, Home page, Shop, Wish list and Cart are the least required functionality a company should provide. It is the minimum you’ll need to get started with the marketing parts of your app.

With this minimum functionality, a web development company can provide your users with the following features:

  • Develop a fully functional user’s account in a short time.
  • Enable users to add personal information or preferences.
  • Search, see and buy products.
  • Remove their needed product item to a cart. Then purchase by Credit Cards.
  • Save their favorite products on the Wish list.
  • Send the links to their friends as a way to encourage them to register for the app.

The following is a minimal requirement for your business process to get to work and have your website registered and used by the first users (depending on your target group). Features like Using Promo Code, Adding Gift Certifications, Ratings, and Chat are not necessary for the scope of the MVP, invalidating the term “minimum.” You have to take into consideration the financial impact of creating each feature. Development takes time, requires resources, and consequently adds to the cost of the project.

The  “viable” term refers to the ability to function. It will be better if you have a well-functioning backend and admin panel for your Online Shop website. It should have a great user interface (UI). The User Experience (UX) should avoid errors and problematic features. Last but not least, the P in MVP refers to Product, which requires no additional explanation.

Will it contain all of the great features you want for your users?

No, but it will contain everything you need to get to market quickly.

Is this the final product and how it will appear to all of your users?

No, this is only the beginning of your amazing product journey.

How creating an MVP will help you with your web app

Save Money

You make changes to the minimum product based on user response. As a result, you reduce the chance of adding features that aren’t useful or need to be removed entirely from the app, while also optimizing software development costs.

Checking Product-Market Fit

Why did IBM’s first touchscreen, in contrast to the iPhone, fail in the market?

Because it didn’t have a good product-market fit. Your app may be fantastic, but several factors can prevent it from having success, such as poor timing. Or, in a worst-case scenario, you spend so much time developing the product that you miss out on being the first to the market.

Real Feedback

The best method to test an idea is to share it with potential users and see how they react. Moreover, MVP app design is one of the most effective ways to gather needed user feedback. So, if you test your idea with an MVP first and receive user feedback, you won’t waste money on a product that your target audience doesn’t like.


Another advantage of MVP app design is its flexibility. You can easily flow back and modify feasters based on the user’s feedback.  You won’t have to risk damaging your app’s architecture and logic by rebuilding it from scratch if you need to make a change.

zivi as an MVP product

We know many examples of MVP products around the world that have become successful businesses. These include Facebook, Twitter, Uber, etc., the success of which has certainly been talked about a lot. Today, we’re going to show you another fascinating Armenian product called zivi. It is currently in the programming stage. zivi’s founders are confident that it will succeed in its market because it has considered all of the features and steps of the MVP. It will soon be available on the market, allowing users to give their opinions, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction about the product. Due to using the tool, people will help directly in the final product development.

zivi has been created to help companies to do HR processes more effectively, save time, and use their limitless potential on the things that really matter. The companies can effectively manage their human resources by using zivi HR tool. They can optimize their HR department’s operations by integrating zivi.  It includes many helpful features which save time and add real value to the organizations.


To sum up, MVP development is a considerably less expensive alternative to building a whole project with several features and functionalities. Because the research feedback allows you to improve your app, you’re constantly improving it while also growing its value. It provides for the reduction of risk and the saving of funds used for various company processes.

We value your time and resources at BeeWeb. For that reason, we propose starting with the MVP before moving on to the final product. It’s a crucial step in our company’s web development process. You may test how users receive your and bring it to reality at a low cost by utilizing the MVP.

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