How BeeWeb motivates its staff: Impact of staff motivation on the productivity

Hi, I’m Shushan, BeeWeb’s HR Manager. Today I’ll talk about BeeWeb staff motivation and its impact on productivity.

The productivity level of an employee is determined by more than just their skills or qualifications. An employee’s ability to perform the task given and desire to want to perform the task must be in balance for the organization to achieve the best results. This balance is the high-level employee motivation, which can lead to an increase in productivity and an improvement of efficiency.

Studies have found that high employee motivation goes hand in hand with high organizational performance and profits. So our responsibility is to understand the motives that drive people to initiate, alter, or continue the desired behavior to be more successful as motivators. For instance, everyone is given an individualized approach at BeeWeb to understanding their motivational sources.

It is not in vain that, one of BeeWeb’s main objectives is to keep employees motivated so that they continue to work at the company. This also contributes to our effective performance as HR managers by reducing the process of hiring new employees regularly.

When it comes to motivation, I think you’ll be interested in what BeeWeb does to keep its team motivated at all times.

● In the workplace, we make safe jobs, various benefits, and job security. We consider BeeWeb’s location, design, and facilities to satisfy the employees.

● At work, we make a pleasant environment, which has an impact on the desire for successful coworker relationships, engagement, and a productive relationship.

● BeeWeb provides cutting-edge equipment and tools to ensure a comfortable working procedure. As many interesting projects as possible are involved, on which the employees will be happy to work.

● We provide our employees with opportunities to grow, be creative, and attend training to overcome challenging assignments and record an advancement. One of our team’s values is the willingness to share knowledge and experience. We organize a lot of brainstorming meetings and team-building activities to increase both team and personal growth.

And the most important point I would like to highlight is that we ensure our employees on how their efforts and contribution plays an important part in our company’s overall goals and direction. We not only reward them with gifts every single time they did a good job at a task but also a simple “Thank You” or “Great job” is essential. These meaningful words push hard work, foster loyalty, and inspire people to work even harder.

As a result, we have fully engaged employees who care deeply about the organization and actively seek ways to serve the mission.

It has a positive impact on productivity with making active engagement in the company when our employees are actively playing a big role in BeeWeb’s success.

❗So guys, what about your company’s Staff Motivation approaches?
Which motivational tips do you use?

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