“High Five” Birthday Party

We are BeeTeam and we create WOW websites with user friendly design and effective functionality. We always choice new technologies and focus on the high quality.

Recently we celebrated BeeWeb’s 5th anniversary. During these years, just like a bee, we worked diligently and tried to do our best to accomplish any challenge we faced. We always followed our mission: “You Dream, We Implement”.

We chose the concept of HighFive to emphasize one of our core values, our positive team spirit. We build deep and warm connections within the team and never forget to celebrate our victories together. We believe that the secret of a successful project is an effective team work.

During the HighFive party our founders told us about the past path of the company and all difficulties they had faced in the process of establishing it. The progress was obvious: now we have several times more team members, our projects have bigger scope, the number of our clients has increased and we work in a creative and motivating environment. We also discussed our ambitious goals and the way we will reach them following our mission.

We also had guests. Our former team members whose work had contributed to the process of establishment of our company also were present to one of the most important days of our BeeLife. We really appreciate our team members’ diligent work and eager to celebrate even small victories together.

There is no birthday without gift, isn’t there? Our BeeTeam presented a new big blackboard to BeeWeb. It will become a great incentive for generating creative ideas and having more team discussions.

The BeeParty was really fantastic and memorable. It gave us extra motivation to work harder and harder to fulfill all our dreams and raised the team spirit. Follow us and you will soon hear about our new accomplishment.

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