HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEWEB! 10 Reasons Why We’re Happy to Work at BeeWeb

Today we are celebrating our 4th birthday at BeeWeb, marking the beginning of our fifth year in business.

Four years ago we have started our journey in a development world. We wanted to create a Successful business and develop new products, but first of all we aimed to build a Great team and Culture. And, yeah, we did it!

Today we are very happy with what we have achieved so far!

Here are just 10 reasons why we’re so excited to work at BeeWeb.

  1. After starting the company, our founders have managed to create a very creative and enjoyable workplace.
  2. Eco-friendly office. Yeah, we have more greenery in our workplace.

3. Our company takes good care of employees. We have a loooooong list of perks and benefits, which surely make us feel happy! We get benefits like gym membership, motivational seminars, teambuilding events, etc. But what we like the most are free of charge candies :))

4. As tech industry is constantly changing and developing, so are we! BeeWeb is always encouraging its employees to grow and get additional skill sets.

5.  We are free to pitch new ideas and take risks for their implementation.

6. Passionate, hard-working employees that want to help clients develop the right software.

7. And we always look for the best and the brightest to join our team! http://beewebsystems.com/careers

8. We like the intellectual buzz of working with each other.

9. Need a quick break at the office? We have plenty of games which add some excitement to our work life.

10. We have a great culture because we have a great strategic plan that is clear and direct: IT’S CALLED “DOING THINGS”.

THANK YOU to all the clients and partners we work with, we would not be where we are today without You!

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28 Garegin Nzhdeh street,
Yerevan, Armenia.



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