Building your own MVP (MVP development process)

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We discussed what MVP is, what instances there are, and other relevant aspects in our previous blog.

Today we will talk about the most actual topic, which is the MVP development process. We’ll go over the main steps in its implementation, including how to choose the perfect partner to help you build your product.

Stay with us and learn about the following MVP stages:

Market research

Market research aids in the identification of your target audience and the development of an idea that meets their wants. You make a lot of assumptions when you come up with an idea. You have a clear picture of your target audience, their needs, and, of course, the product. Did you know that the most prevalent cause of product failure is an inability to meet the needs of potential customers?

Instead of being conducted by a professional MVP development company, people develop multiple sample MVPs to fit their personal needs. As a result, their market research is subjective. Rob Kalin founder of Etsy, for example, needed a place to sell his wooden-cased laptops. He didn’t do any research to see if there was a demand for his product. So, the next step is to contact your target audience, learn about their demands, and provide them with what they need. Then you will be ready to go on to the next step.

Outline your idea

You must describe how your product will benefit customers.
What makes you think they’d buy it?
What is the benefit to them?

Find out what they want and dislike, as well as their habits and trends. Getting those feedbacks will allow you to understand their needs and satisfy them better. All of the findings can be the success factors for your final product. Take notes because it’s the base for user journeys, user flow, and user interface.

Consider the design process from the user’s perspective

Consider yourself as a customer of your product or service.
Which expectations do you have to see?
What are your expectations about its work?
Keep user satisfaction at the center of your mind at all times. Then you can go forward to establish the process steps.

Identify the project features

You’ll probably have lots of features that can’t be finished or included in the MVP once you’ve decided on a design part. You can classify them according to their necessity and determine which features you want to add or keep to your project.


Always aim for a build quality that is at least as good as the end product. During the building process, keep simplicity, compatibility, and intuitiveness in mind.

BML: Build, Measure, Learn

Gather feedback from prospective customers on your product idea — once you have all the information you need, go back and re-evaluate your product. Then, modify it to the demands of the users and fix all of the issues they raised during the process.

What are the best web agencies to build startup MVP web applications?

Now is the moment to decide whether you want to construct your MVP in-house or hire an experienced web development partner. If you choose the option of making a partnership, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Check the company’s portfolio

    Analyze their portfolio carefully. Try to understand if those companies have a lot of experience working with clients in your sector and other industries? Are they assist in the development of many MVP apps? How many? Take the time to read the case studies of your potential partner. The experienced ones will have years of expertise in the field and will have learned from both successes and failures. They will help you to avoid making some implementation-related mistakes, which is a great experience.

  • Check how many years they’ve been on the market

    When you see a company that has been on the market for a long time, it shows they:
    1.  Have a stable financial situation
    2. Maintain a steady stream of new clients
    3. They are expert companies and won’t disappear in a few months, leaving you with an unfinished product.

    However, don’t dismiss all new businesses because they launched their business activities by tech experts who previously worked for other companies for many years.

  • Check review sites

    Finally, look for information about the web development company online, especially if it’s a new one. After the successful completion of a project, clients frequently post reviews on platforms like,


Both Clutch and Sortlist are quick ways to evaluating your business partner’s trustworthiness.

Why to choose to work with BeeWeb as an MVP Development Partner?

BeeWeb can turn your idea into reality. It provides MVP development services around the world like:

  • Idea Validation during 2-3 weeks.
  • Solution Validation during 1-2 weeks.
  • Wireframing during 2-3 weeks.
  • Clickable prototype during 1-3 weeks.
  • MVP Development during 3-4 weeks.
  • Delivery during 1-2 weeks.

Interesting?   Do you need a company to build your Minimum Viable Product?

To know better about how we can help you realize your vision through appealing designs, high-quality code, and ongoing testing, contact us at or visit our website

Let’s create a killing MVP to validate your product idea in the market! 🤗

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