Agile is more than you think

Hi, today is Anna’s day. Anna is a BeeWeb’s Project Manager (Scrum Master) who does her best to organize the team for delivering the projects on the time. Anna always tries to keep clients’ satisfaction at the highest level. It’s necessary to highlight that Anna has one little princess, and she works from home, but nothing disturbs her to work efficiently and generate the best result in her professional and personal life.

So, let’s follow how Anna uses Agile Methodology not only in her professional life but also in her personal life.

Agile Parenting in Modern Life

Not a secret that Agile is the most popular work process or as worldwide Project Managers/Scrum Masters like to say methodology, that is being used to facilitate the whole workflow. Agile frameworks can be implemented in any kind of situation to end up with the best result. Well, but this is amazing, if it is so why not use the methodology in order to make life easier. Follow up to read some interesting facts taken from life and Agile guide.

Agile and Family life

Whether you believe it or not, agile can help you to deal with modern family stress. Some parents think that it is really hard to work and look after children at the same time, but with clever technique and planning, it is truly possible. How? Well, as an agilist remember please, how you put all your to-dos to a very visible place like BACKLOG and prioritize them. Just don’t hesitate to do the same with your household. Both the kanban and scrum boards can bring joy to your everyday life. Accomplishing your own tasks will be as fun as finishing the ones you do for your project.

Are you planning already?

Hey, wait, don’t rush to use your computer or laptop. Just buy very colorful sticky notes and put them on the refrigerator or on any kind of wall you like. Make sure to have exactly the same board as you have on Trello, Asana or Jira. Divide your board into “Backlog” “To do” “In Progress” or even “Testing”, sorry, you don’t have to test, hahaha, or wait because your kids are the real testers, let them test and mark all those fun tasks done. I am pretty sure those sticky notes on the board will not only help you to keep everything organized but also throw you back to your sweet childhood memories. 

Okay, apart from planning you should definitely consider meetings as well. Again, remember how you do your retrospective meetings. Use the same ritual to talk to your family members. These talks are so important for them, believe me, they need that. Modern life velocity is truly harsh and sometimes we don’t even have time to have simple talks about what is good or what is bad. These rituals are excellent for meeting everyone in one place and discussing with them everything that needs to be improved.

To sum up, I want to add that there is always a way to keep your family happy and grow in your career. Search for the best methods or as agilists like to say frameworks to manage your everyday household and project sprints.

Anna, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Finally, we have seen that Agile Methodology works perfectly in real life. You can use it and have a happier family life.

You can share this NEW Agile approach with your agilist friends 😊

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