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Hi everyone 😊! I am Shushan, BeeWeb’s HR manager.
Today I will talk about the practice of successful onboarding within our company.
Hiring a lot of people is a good sign for a business – it generally means the company is growing and gaining market share. However, it can result problems as well: if you are rapidly increasing headcount, on the way you may lose your company culture.
So, to avoid this problem, we take the following steps during the onboarding process at BeeWeb;


Shushan Petrosyan HR Manager

Step 1: Once an offer is accepted, it’s time for a contact

In a brief call the candidates get notified that they have been selected and agreed with the offered conditions, afterwards the official job offer with all the details of the position and company information is sent via email. The candidates get the company intro leaflet presenting company’s structure, core values, top management team and of course team’s best moments at BeeWeb. So they have a clear understanding of whom they could contact regarding an issue.
Then a day before joining date the candidates receive a welcome email as a sign that everything goes as planned. The Welcome email contains information about starting date, time and other hints about their arrival and first day at BeeWeb.


Step 2: How the big day of career starts

When, finally the big day arrives we meet our new employees in the lobby to introduce they to the team, show their workstation and take on a quick office tour. Then they are given an access to the control system of a company and join our company workspace to communicate and work effectively with team and teammates.
They become familiar with their responsibilities and are given a schedule for the first day of work. Besides, they have a meeting with their teammates, management team and the working process really starts.
To boost new employees engagement we have a meal together which is an excellent way for the team members to get to know each other, have a conversation, share ideas and laughter.


Welcome kit

Step 3: Day one preparatory measures

When the employees walk into their first day at BeeWeb, their desk is already stocked with a welcome box which includes: greeting card, notebook, pen, logo stickers, sweets and the most important ­– a fully setup laptop. This small items help new employees to feel comfortable and gives a feeling of being cared for and prioritized as a person, not just an employee.


Step 4: One on One meeting at the end of the first week

At the end of the first week we have an “one on one meeting” with our new employees. We talk about the position, responsibilities, discuss the projects, review performance, give/get feedback of overall working process and more. To conclude meeting we plan and discuss our short goals to achieve for the next 3 weeks.


Step 5: The final job offer

At the end of the month we have another meeting; this time we exchange feedbacks. We discuss how the employees have fulfilled the preset goals, what growth they have and what they need to head for the next goals.
In this case they receive a final job offer, details on the vacation procedure, benefits and the level of their position.
And as they become our official team members they have T-shirt with Beeweb’s logo and position sticker.

BeeWeb Values

This little act of consistent touch shows the employees that the company appreciates them and is happy they are part of the team. And, if the employees feel appreciated, they will provide referrals and be more productive.🤗
You can also be a part of our optimistic BeeTeam.
We put our employees at the center of what we do, we are communicative, we collaborate and share our knowledge, we are passionate and we get things done. We want to surround ourselves with people that we admire and can have fun with.
We make recruiting decisions based on candidate skills and what they can bring to the job. We believe that employing people with our values is the right thing to do and is central to our success.
You can check out our open positions and apply directly, or message  for more information.

❗So guys, what about your company’s onboarding experience?


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