3 years in BeeWeb

It’s already 3 years that our marketing manager Lilit is with us. Our mornings start with wide smile of Lilit and our working days are filled with her positive energy. She is one of our oldest team members and we really appreciate her diligent and dedicated work. Lilit has a big contribution in the process of establishment of BeeWeb and we are sure she will be a part of our future achievements.

Today our BeeTeam prepared surprises for Lilit. The day started with nice bouquet of flowers and during the working day Lilit found notes from team members in different part of our office. Warm and kind words of the team filled the heart of Lilit with happiness.

We have also prepared interesting sentences for Lilit to continue. Are you ready to read?I’m Lilit and I’m a marketing manager in BeeWeb.

● I’m Lilit and I’m a marketing manager in BeeWeb.

● I love marketing because it gives me freedom. You can freely implement your creative ideas and always be in trend.

● Without marketing people would lack confidence in their decisions as they wouldn’t know what type of performance to expect from a given product or service.

● What gives me a motivation to work harder and harder is … the motivation comes from within. Outside motivation is temporary so you need to have inner motivation, always smile, Bee positive and to accept any situation as it is.

● My dream is to make all my dreams goals and implement them step by step. I believe we are capable of fulfilling all of them as long as we want them enough.

● I believe marketing is crucial for a company success as it helps to adapt to changes in market quickly and always have competitive advantage over other companies. Marketing is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses to flourish.

● My favorite brand is … every brand has its own history and unique path in business world. I read success stories of the most famous brands with pleasure and take something useful and interesting from all of them.

● They have a great success as, as they are not afraid to pursue their dreams, they have courage to stand out from a crowd and are always open to a healthy criticize. And the most important thing: they believe to their success and never give up. Walter Landor memorably stated: “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind,” The most successful brands have managed to be remembered and to get the trust and love of people.

● 3 years in BeeWeb gave me professional growth, communication and teamwork skills. My greatest achievement are my colleagues that have already become my best friends. I associate BeeWeb with positive and warm memories that will always be with me.

● Every day I wake up and come to work with pleasure as I love what I do. I love me profession, my desk, my co-workers, my BeeWeb. I wake up every morning being sure that I will have another GREAT day.

● I believe to BeeWeb’s success as BeeTeam works diligently and records growth and success every day. I have witnessed ups and downs of the company and all challenges the company have faced. I can say for sure that this difficulties have strengthen the team spirit of BeeTeam and gave extra motivation for new achievements.

● And finally thank you for your time. I hope my answers have inspired you.

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